Keeping Track of New Vocabulary

I started creating a personal glossary when I was learning German and desperately trying to memorize long lists of vocabulary. It worked so well I decided to try it again.


I draw a line down the center of each page, and as I go through each lesson Farsi goes on the left and English on the right. I transliterate each new word in case I forget its pronunciation. I’m  careful to add even words that I already know, to cement the spelling in my head. Having it written out in columns also makes it easy to cover one half of the page to practice recalling the words in one language or the other.

Vocabulary is my weakest point when learning a new language, so it helps me to put that little bit of extra time and energy into it. Any other tips for keeping track of new words and studying them?


2 thoughts on “Keeping Track of New Vocabulary

  1. Hey!
    I’m persian girl from Iran and I’ve just found you through the tags , it’s so nice that I can see our language is not forgotten yet!
    If you need any kind of help with this I’d like to help you improving your farsi .
    P.S: In my opinion the best way , is trying to memorize them in your own farsi sentences.


    1. Hello! Khosh amadid! 🙂
      Thank you for offering to help. I think I need to learn much more basic vocabulary and grammar before I can speak or write very much, except for very simple sentences, but I hope that eventually I will be able to write more and practice more with other people. I will keep working at it!


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