Why I’m Learning Persian

I have a fairly classic reason for learning Persian: my husband is from Iran. He has been speaking English since he was a child, so although I dabbled in learning words and phrases for a number of years after we met, I didn’t feel the urgency of learning Persian until I travelled to Iran to meet his family. Suddenly, the language lover within me had a real reason to dig in and study this language.

Unfortunately, we had also moved from an area with a significant Persian community to a part of the world¬†where the only Persian thing you’re likely¬†to find are carpets. There are no Persian classes or Persian learners around me, so I am studying on my own with the lessons from Easy Persian.

In an effort to keep studying regularly and connect with other learners out there, I created this website. I’ll be posting my writing practice, my thoughts about learning, and any other Persian writing I do. Welcome!